Fire Rated OSB Board Sheathing


1. Install Sheathing with a factory applied fire resistant coating on the exterior surface of all side yard walls and gables located adjacent to properties that have potential of hosting a structure. The Sheathing Criteria is as follows; Sheathing must be listed, or the manufacturer must have the authority to mark indicating that the material complies with CAN/ULC S102 having a flame spread rather of <25.
** Confirmation of listing or authority to mark is required by May 1, 2012
** Listed or authority to mark means the mark of a third party certified body accredited by the Standards Council of Canada The wall assembly with the sheathing must also have a fire resistance rating, minimum of 15 minutes tested to a CAN/ULC S101 standard.


2. Install fire resistant panels/sheathing that meet the CAN/ULC standards as above on all vertical surfaces adjacent to a side yard property line.


3. For redevelopment or infill projects where a building is removed and replaced by a new structure the fire resistant treatment shall face inside the building or be inherently fire resistant as indicated in item 2. Alberta Municipal Affairs Excerpt from Standata released on February 1, 2012: Water & UV Resistance – the product must be capable of withstanding expected water and ultraviolet exposures and maintain fire and flame spread performance characteristics over repeated exposures.

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