BarrierTEK specializes in creating innovative, flame retardant materials for the home and building industry. Our focus is manufacturing and distribution of affordable and efficacious solutions that help make fire code compliant structures both possible and practical.

Our early adoption of the fire protection code implementation, has given BarrierTEK the unique opportunity to acquire many insights which have led to industry wide technical breakthroughs. From those breakthroughs — our flame retardant materials and coatings meet and exceed the fire code requirements of today and also lead the industry in safety standards going forward.


BarrierTEK has an established and well funded R&D department with six active patents and a fire rated OSB product that is second to none. Our team of leading flame retardant industry experts have a combined experience of 45 years in; developing standardized technologies, agile business leadership and product development.

Almost a decade ago, the in-house technical team at BarrierTEK spear – headed the commercialization of fire retardant materials for treating new homes and commercial properties. Since then, our coatings have been used in new building construction and other developments.

This has drastically minimized the start and spread of fires in Alberta.